Michael Mitchell to Present on Saturday!

The author of this website (and several related books) knows more about our wildflowers than just about anyone.  Michael Mitchell currently lives in England, but will be making a special online presentation “Wildflowers of Monterey Country and Beyond”, Saturday June 12 at 10 am.   For more information on this free event, see below.

Every year the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD) hosts a summer wildflower show featuring nearly 200 species of flowers found in our local parks. This year’s Summer Wildflower Show will be presented in the digital world for a limited time from Saturday, June 12 through Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Learn about waterwise gardening, native plants, and pollinators in our parks, and more. Partake in at-home activities and crafts. Informative and interactive, pre-recorded and live zoom offerings are available for your exploration on the MPRPD website at www.mprpd.org by clicking on the Wildflower Show 2021 link.

Special live virtual presentations to be held on Saturday June 12 include “Wildflowers of Monterey Country and Beyond,” by Michael Mitchell at 10:00 am, and “Plants of the Marina Dunes: Adaptations, Climate Change and You,” by CSUMB student Cole Mefford on at 11:30 am.  Live offers are completed with an engaging wildflower themed “Nature Journaling with Melinda Nakagawa” workshop at 9:30 am, Sunday June 20.

For more information email info@mprpd.org or leave a message by calling (831) 372-3196 ext 102.


Monterey County has an extraordinary range of wildflowers, over 2300 different species in over 140 families. The county is geographically and geologically very diverse, ranging from the coastal areas of Monterey Bay, the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur to the Inner Coast Ranges (the Gabilan and part of the Diablo Ranges) east of the Salinas Valley and the Outer Coast Ranges comprising the Sierra de Salinas (to the north and east of Carmel Valley Road) and the Santa Lucia Mountains lying south of the Carmel Valley Road between the Salinas Valley and the coast. This site is a guide to wildflowers, shrubs and trees found in these very different habitats, some found across the county, some found only in very restricted areas. I hope that the site may inspire you to explore unfamiliar parts of the county and to discover and appreciate the beauty that is to be found everywhere, in both likely and sometimes unlikely places. Enjoy!