The Author

Michael Mitchell is one of the authors of several field guides to local Monterey wildflowers, including most recently Monterey County Wildflowers – a field guide, co-authored with Dr Rod Yeager. He is also the author of the second edition of Mary Ann Matthews’ The Plants of Monterey County – an illustrated Field Key. 

English by birth, he is now naturalized in Monterey County (but hopefully not invasive). Formerly a tax lawyer by profession, he has since his retirement discovered the joys of the local wildflowers, photographing and learning to identify them. His early struggles convinced him of the need for a user friendly guide, both in print form and online.

He has been a volunteer naturalist with the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, a member of the Board of the Monterey Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, and co-Chairman of the annual Spring Wildflower Show held in Pacific Grove.

Webmaster  Cliff Halverson is a retired science teacher.  He and his wife Laurie love hiking, flowers and birds.   He is an active musician and is learning to photograph the natural world.


The author and his wife Sharon, without whose inspiration, encouragement and patience none of this would have happened

This website

… is the successor to Monterey Peninsula Wildflowers, Shrubs & Trees, a photographic guide by Michael Mitchell and Rod M Yeager MD. Technical reasons required the creation of a completely new website and the opportunity was taken to expand the scope of the site to cover the whole of Monterey County and at the same time to make the navigation of the site a little more intuitive. The general philosophy remains unchanged.

All photographs are by Michael Mitchell, except where indicated.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving this site, including correcting the errors which will inevitably have crept in, please do contact me 
Note: Express permission is required to reproduce any material for commercial purposes.  Permission is granted to reproduce photographs for personal or educational purposes.