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Monterey County Wildflowers – a Field Guide. 2016. Rod M Yeager MD and Michael Mitchell

  • A layman’s guide to about 950 species of flowering plants found in Monterey County, illustrated with about 2500 color photograph (available from local booksellers and from Amazon)

The Plants of Monterey County – an Illustrated Field Key. Second edition 2015. Mary Ann Matthews & Michael Mitchell

  • A botanical key to all flowering plants, ferns & conifers found in Monterey County, illustrated with about 2000 line drawings (available from local booksellers and from Amazon)

The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California. Second edition, 2012. Edited  by Bruce G Baldwin and others

  • The ultimate resource for those interested in the vascular plants of California

Plant Identification Terminology: an Illustrated Glossary. 2001. James G. and Melinda Woolf Harris

  • An excellent and approachable guide to technical botanical terms with clear and helpful line drawings



  • The best online resource for those interested in California plants; it includes photographs (and links to many more photographs on Calphotos), details of where the plant has been found and links to many other resources

Jepson eFlorahttp://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/

  • An online version of The Jepson Manual

Consortium of California Herbaria: http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/

  • This contains records from most of the major herbaria in California and is the most authoritative source for what plants have been collected where.

CNPS Rare & Endangered Plant Inventory: www.rareplants.cnps.org

  • Details of plants included in the Inventory together with links to other resources

CNPS Monterey Bay Chapter plant lists:  https://montereybay.cnps.org/local-plant-checklists

  • These are check lists of plants found in over 30 different areas in the county