Asteraceae: Sunflower Family – Mutiseae (Mutisia) Tribe

The Sunflower family is a very large family with over 25,000 members.  Botanists subdivide the family into a number of tribes of which 14 are represented in Monterey County, one of these, the Heliantheae or Sunflower tribe, being further broken down into subtribes of which 9 are represented in Monterey  County. The Mutisia tribe only has two members found in Monterey, one of which is only found in the extreme south of the county. 

Trail Plant – Adenocaulon bicolor



Plant Height:

30–100 cm

Flower Size:

Very small




Uncommon, generally in damp, shady redwood forests


Most easily recognized by its distinctive, shallowly-lobed triangular leaves, green above but white-woolly beneath. Tiny white flowers are borne in small clusters on tall, loosely-branched stems. Club-shaped fruits with black, stalked glands at their base are also distinctive.