Heliotropiaceae: Heliotrope Family

Seaside Heliotrope / Chinese Pusley – Heliotropium curassavicum var. oculatum


Feb – Oct

Plant Height:

Stems 10 – 60 cm

Flower Size:

Medium cluster




Saline or alkaline soils, many communities

Notes: Both stems and the oblanceolate leaves are fleshy, generally prostrate or ascending.  The inflorescence forms a loose coil, with double rows of symmetrically placed flowers.  Individual flowers are white, with a narrowly bell-shaped tube, and a yellowish-to-purple throat with 5 distinct veins.  This plant is now in the family Heliotropiaceae (formerly in Boraginaceae).  Photos #2 and 4 by CJH.

Heliotrope, Seaside
Heliotrope, Seaside
Heliotrope, Seaside